What's New?

  • Carolina Performing Arts
    Carolina Performing Arts brings in world-class talent from around the globe and hosts amazing performances year-round. Their outdated website no longer reflected the quality and diversity of their offerings and wasn't organized in a helpful way for visitors. We took on a total redesign and reorganization of the site and launched a modern, dynamic, responsive site for CPA. The big challenge of the site was to integrate everything with their complex ticketing and box office software to minimize duplicate content entry and to keep everything in sync. More
  • First Bank Brochures
    First Bank needed to update and unify their in-branch brochures. With over 20 brochures needing to be written, designed, laid out, and printed, the agency got cracking. Making the project more complex, First Bank operates as First Bank of Virginia in Virginia and all materials had to be produced in specific Virginia-only versions reflecting the name difference and other tweaks. I worked with the approved brand standards and with our senior art director to produce the pieces, with the client to get revisions and sign-offs, and with the printers to make sure the final products turned out perfectly. More
  • Fluid jQuery Cycle
    Update, August 8, 2013 This post gets a lot of views so I want to give you some additional information and options. Since writing this Cycle2, the successor to jQuery Cycle, has been released. Cycle2 offers much better mobile support out of the box than the original and is worth a look if you’re battling […]
  • Ackland Museum
    Working with an art museum means working with some great material and interesting projects. The Ackland Art Museum is no exception and I worked many pieces for them including their quarterly newsletter, exhibition banners, and catalogs. Their minimalist brand style allows for the artwork to take center stage and was great fun to work with. More
  • Make it Responsive
    Look Good Everywhere Having your content accessible the way your audience wants to access is critical. For years (decades!) now this has meant having a website and good SEO, because let’s face it, no one uses a phone book anymore. Websites will often be the first interaction someone has with a company and will form […]
  • Capel Rugs
    The Capel Rugs Dealer Network is a turn-key ecommerce solution that Capel Rugs offers its rug resellers across the country. The system, designed at Rivers Agency, integrates large amount of data from Capel's internal product management system, combines it with customizable store information and presents an easy to manage system for Capel's dealers. My focus was on the programming for the corporate and dealer level reporting tools. More
  • On Backups
    “The server’s backed up, right?” asks a hopeful looking coworker. This isn’t the question you want to get, you know something has gone wrong but with some foresight and planning it doesn’t mean disaster. I nod yes, go through the process of restoring the files that were accidentally deleted and receive a grateful “thanks.” I’ve […]
  • NC Science Festival
    What do you get when you combine over 500 science-themed events, a robot named Kelvin, and a two week festival? A really fun website to work on! The NC Science Festival needed a website where users could submit events and where visitors could quickly find out what events were going across the state, or in their backyard. It also had to be playful, easy to use, and include a mobile version for quick event searches on the go. More
  • A Better DIV
    The Situation Comments are your friends. When working on someone else’s code, or even my own after it’s been a while, finding good, useful, accurate comments are a blessing. The problem is they can be boring, sometimes tedious, don’t immediately move the functionality of your code forward and can be easy to skip under the […]
  • Capel Catalog
    The annual catalog for America's oldest privately owned rug manufacturer comes together on a tight budget and timeline every year. The project is always a chance to flex our production muscles. With thousands of rugs over hundreds of pages, the 2011 Catalog was an excellent proving ground for the efficiency and utility of detailed nested styles, hierarchical templates and real-time pre-flight checking. More